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The Holiday Season: Give to Extend

This year, CYS was honored with a feature in The Giving List book, profiling innovative and highly impactful LA-area non-profits.

Thanks to your generous support through donations and volunteer hours, 600 youth were kept out of the justice system, and numerous policy wins at local school districts and within the justice system helped solidify restorative practices as a more effective response to youth needs.

Today we embark on our Year-End Campaign. Our goal is to ensure more neighborhoods have access to quality restorative justice solutions by raising $10,000 by December 31 and we can’t do it without your help.

Donations of $100 or more will receive The Giving List book and a CYS bookmark. Click here to donate today!

Want to go further and encourage friends and family to support CYS? Write us at [email protected] to receive copies of The Giving List book highlighting CYS’s impact that you can send to friends to encourage them to donate to CYS this holiday season. Let us know how many copies you need for your potential donors and the address to send them to you.

Please join us by making your online donation today and by sharing the work of CYS with others who care about restorative justice and creating a more equitable future for all youth.

With your support, we can create long-term transformation for a more just society!


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