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CYS is seeking volunteers to help deliver community-based restorative justice to individuals and communities that have suffered harm --  empowering youth, families, and communities through the power of heart-to-heart conversations.  


Click below for more info on each role and application info.

✓ Learn to Be a Mediator!


✓ ​Resolve Disputes for your Community


✓ Receive High-Quality Training


✓ Learn Great Skills

Mediation Translator

Make the mediation process possible for non-English speaking families.

Support Crime



Facilitate the Restorative Justice process between a youth and the person(s) harmed by their actions.

Victim Offender Restitution Program (VORS) • Family Mediation Program (FARS)

Give Our Youth a Fair Chance to Reach 

Their Potential

Elevate Peace in Our Communities

Surrogate Victim Advocate

Represent the point-of-view of crime victims and the impact on the community in mediations.


call this work "life-changing" and "emotionally rewarding".


applaud the skills that volunteers bring back to the workplace.


are incredibly grateful!


Step 3:

Once we receive your documents, we will call you in for an interview. If approved, you will complete additional CYS volunteer paperwork and required security clearances.

Step 1:

Download and complete the CYS Volunteer Application.


Step 2:

Submit the completed CYS application, along with your resume or bio, to [email protected]

Two Programs YOU Can Impact:

Two Programs YOU Can Impact

Victim Offender Restitution Program (VORS)


The Victim Offender Mediation Program assists people who have been impacted by crime and the youth who caused the harm via a mediation process, with the opportunity for dialogue and reaching resolution through an agreement.


Mediations facilitated by trained community volunteers are held between the youth and the person who was harmed by their actions, which include private citizens, homeowners, teachers, local city governments, businesses and other youth.


Offenses include vandalism, theft, assault, shoplifting and other non-weapon related offenses. Most importantly, the program works to provide financial and psychological restitution for victims and relief for the overloaded Juvenile Justice system. Since 1992, 98% of the more than 5,000 Victim Offender mediations have reached agreements resulting in over $700,000 in restitution to victims, over 20,000 hours of community service performed and 3,920 letters of apology written by the youth offenders to their victim.


This process reduces re-arrest rates for participating youth to 8-11% within 1 year of completing the program and drastically increases service and reparation for victims.

Family Mediation Program



Family Mediation supports and assists youth and their parents/guardians to de-escalate conflict in a safe environment.


Family mediation examines conflict in the context of the family and empowers the parent and youth to own their conflicts and solutions. The program assists parties to manage and resolve specific issues such as curfew, chores, grades, trust, lack of communication etc.  The overall goal is to provide tools that families can use themselves in resolving their own disputes, outside the mediation room.



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