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As we wrap up our first year of Mediation Office Hours (MOH), we would like to share one final success story (until next school year!). This story is the result of a recent MOH session, which involved a teacher and a student from a local high school. 

The involved CYS Mediator reported that, "Before the start of the holiday break, a MOH session was scheduled for a teacher and student. The MOH session was scheduled because this student had been dismissed from this teacher's class numerous times, and their grade was suffering because of it." The environment of a MOH session - led by an unbiased third party, a quiet + comfortable room, a space to speak from your perspective - is perfect for situations like these.

The student was open and honest about her struggle with that teacher's particular curriculum, the confusion she felt when being kicked out of class, and the desire to do well in school. The teacher was also open and honest about why he was requesting the removal of the student from the class, which allowed the student to gain insight into the experience of a teacher- stress, anxiety, and a huge workload.

Through sharing these honest details, the teacher was able to apologize for making the student feel targeted, and the student was able to understand where the teacher was coming from. In the end, both parties agreed that, moving forward, the teacher would privately communicate with the student when they felt they were disrupting class and the student would work on staying focused and being helpful in the classroom. Lastly, the teacher allowed the student to submit her late assignments to get her grade up.

The mediator assigned to this MOH session left feeling proud of both the teacher and student for their vulnerability and ability to listen. The mediator shared, "what stood out the most was that the teacher was willing to listen to the student and hear her out, while the student was also able to understand the teachers point of view."


MOH sessions have been a major success this past school year - the schools have seen positive developments in the students that participate, and a decline in repeat fights. Stay tuned for more updates and success stories to come, and a huge thank you to all of the amazing MOH mediators!



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