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Spotlight On Our Board: Robert Pullen-Miles

Meet CYS President and Board Chair, Robert Pullen-Miles! Current mayor of the City of Lawndale, and candidate for the California State Assembly, Robert joined the CYS Board of Directors in March of 2019.

“Helping others in need” is a theme that has defined Robert’s life and career, beginning with his early training as an emergency medical technician and throughout a career in public service. Beginning in 1999, Robert turned his energies to the needs of teens identified as “at-risk,” becoming an L.A. County Reserve Probation Deputy. His work on youth diversion and anti-gang programs began a process of personal and philosophical alignment with the CYS mission.

In Robert’s subsequent work as district director for State Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, he was introduced to CYS’s community-based diversion model. Invited to attend CYS Board meetings as Assemblywoman Burke’s proxy, Robert became better acquainted with CYS operations, and was ultimately approached to join the Board and eventually to occupy his position as the Board Chair and member of the Executive Committee.

Today, as a candidate for state office, Robert plans to continue working for what he calls, “a universally adopted model of restorative justice.” He points out that getting this accomplished will require using the influence of office, supporting legislation, and funding the growth of RJ in our school systems.

Regardless of the election’s outcome, Robert intends to remain involved in the CYS mission. And, with two certifications in mediation, he plans to keep a hand in peaceful resolution of neighborhood conflicts and disputes. One thing seems certain, CYS and restorative justice will never be far from his heart and hopes!


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