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Greetings From Our Team At CYS!

Ever wonder who’s behind all the great work at CYS? In addition to an incredibly generous team of volunteers, CYS is lucky to have a staff with big hearts and varied talents. We are restorative justice mediators, clinical case managers, intake specialists and policy change experts, supported by a dedicated operations team.

We include team members with Masters Degrees in social work, psychology, and conflict resolution, and several working on their degrees. Many of us come with experience in gang prevention, prison reentry, and work with foster youth, or are blazing a trail for Black women in technology.

Among us are gentle souls who connect quickly with families in crisis, fierce advocates who negotiate systems change, and creative problem solvers who make our work more efficient.

CYS is not only dedicated to the communities we serve, we are rooted here. 79% of our staff have “lived experience” (personal first-hand experience) with many of the same challenges our program participants face. Many of us have also experienced the justice, mental health, or foster care systems that we now work to improve.

Shared concerns draw many of us to the work of restorative justice. And this relatability makes CYS team members trusted messengers, inspiring confidence in our participants.

Mediation Case Manager Evelyn Velasquez says, “I remember feeling as a teen that no one wanted to hear my side or my reasons. In my position with CYS, I create the space for youth to share those reasons. This means being someone our youth and families can count on, who will support them in every way.”

Reflecting on her personal connection to the work, Lead Schools & Community Partnerships Specialist Pat Park shared, “I herald Booker T. Washington’s direction to ‘Cast your buckets down where you are.’”

Want to join us? CYS is hiring! Click here for postings.


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