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Giving Harmed Parties a Voice

CYS is proud to join Assembly Member Isaac Bryan and the California Restorative Justice Policy Coalition as co-sponsors of Assembly Bill 60 (AB60). AB60 will ensure all victims/survivors are informed of their right to information on and participation in restorative justice programming. We believe in this bill because we understand what Restorative Justice offers victims/survivors:

Closure: When given the opportunities to verbalize their experience, victims/survivors are able to work through the harm that was done to them.

A Voice: Through safe and facilitated conversation, victims/survivors feel empowered and involved in a process they would otherwise have little voice in. Victims/survivors are also more involved in where (virtual or near their home) the process will take place, placing importance on what works best for them and their needs.

Here at CYS, the harmed parties that we work with report a 98% rate of satisfaction with our Restorative Justice programs. They share that they experienced the process to be fair and equitable as well as provided closure and repair.

Stay tuned for updates on this bill and when/where your support can be used.



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