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We are honored to host Ms. JaMaiia M. Bond and Chief Martin Sissac at our next webinar, "Stronger Schools Through Restorative Justice" on September 6th at 5pm PST. Register now + learn about our guest speakers below.

JaMaiia M. Bond, Division of Child Welfare Attendance, Athletics and Special Programs, Compton Unified School District

As Senior Director of Child Welfare and Attendance, under the direction of the Compton Unified School District Governing Board and Superintendent Brawley, Ms. Bond established the Compton Unified School District Wellness Initiative, in 2017. Ms. Bond believes that a mentally healthy school environment that is trauma sensitive involves more than providing mental health services to students. It is critical to address the skills gaps in social emotional learning that students may have and to build resilience within students.

Ms. Bond and her team have designed the Wellness Initiative to address the academic, social, emotional, attendance and behavioral needs of students, which is built on the philosophy of both prevention and intervention. Through this initiative, she ensures that every classroom is wellness-focused, trauma informed, and provides a multi-faceted set of services and a multi-tiered system of support to students.

Ms. Bond's philosophy of prevention and intervention is at the core of the CUSD Wellness Initiative, which allows school sites to create environments that connect students to school, provide strong character building models, and support preventative measures through programs and services.

Chief Martin Sissac,

Chief of Police, Inglewood Unified School District

Martin J. Sissac is currently the Chief of School Police at the Inglewood Unified School District, and in 2019 retired as the Chief of Police from the Fontana Unified School District police department. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work at California State University, Long Beach, a Master of Business Administration at University of Phoenix and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Psychology at Liberty University.

He spent 31 years in policing beginning as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sherriff and working his way up through the ranks to Police Captain at the Inglewood Police Department. After a brief stint as the interim chief of police at the Inglewood Unified School District police department, Chief Sissac accepted a permanent position as chief of police at the Fontana School Police Department from 2015 through 2019. In 2021, the Inglewood Unified School District called Chief Sissac back into service to oversee its school police department.

Chief Sissac is also the managing partner of Smyer Sissac, LLC, a company dedicated to developing affordable equitable housing in the greater Los Angeles region. Chief Sissac holds a California preliminary Career Technical Education teaching credential in public service, business and finance and is a graduate of the CA POST Command College. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the South Bay Medal of Valor.


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