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What is "recidivism"?

Recidivism is the tendency for an offender to engage in repeated criminal behavior. [1]

Data from LA County Probation found, among a large sample of past CYS recipients (1,851), a 1-year recidivism rate of 7.73%. When looking at only those referred for felonies, recidivism was still under 12% (11.18%). Of the total offenses that we served in that sample, 64.5% were misdemeanors, 24.3% were felonies, 11.18% were other or unknown. In contrast, youth who go through the traditional justice system experience, on average, a 60% recidivism rate, and are also 7 times more likely to experience adult unemployment and welfare dependence [1].

Further, data shows that in 2017, 10% of kids who completed CYS programming recidivated. By 2022 (5 years later), the recidivation percentage stays the same, at 10%. So, the outcomes of CYS programming proves to hold over time.

What this means:

Restorative Justice heals, instead of harms, both individuals and our community as a whole. Kids, as they develop and mature, must feel supported in order to thrive. Restorative Justice introduces an opportunity for a bright future. When kids are at home and with their family, community, and school, as opposed to locked up, they are able to grow, build trust, and feel stable, which is ultimately the best thing for them and their future.

We are excited to share these promising new data points with you and look forward to continuing to support our youth towards a better future.



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