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CYS Awarded $1 Million Grant from Trauma Prevention Partnerships (TPP) Initiative

This $1 million grant, part of a collaboration between the Department of Public Health’s Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) and the California Community Foundation (CCF), aims to bolster violence prevention efforts across Los Angeles County. 

The grant, distributed as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), underscores the commitment of the OVP and CCF to invest $25 million in violence prevention, intervention, and healing services. These funds will expand CYS’s School Safety Transformation projects in partnership with Compton Unified School District. This collaboration has reduced school-based arrests by 95% while expanding wellness programming and trauma informed approaches to student behavioral health.   

"We are deeply grateful for this opportunity to elevate student, parent and staff voice in co-creating safety through the expansion of supports for relationship-based solutions to conflict that improve school climate and safety" remarked Jessica Ellis, Executive Director of CYS. “This expands supports for parents and adds a variety of conflict resolution solutions from more teacher training to community mediators available on campus to community-led safe passage and peace building solutions.”

This generous grant not only validates the importance of CYS's work but also represents a significant step forward in the collective effort to combat violence and promote healing across Los Angeles County. 

For more information about the Trauma Prevention Partnerships initiative, please visit CCF's website and OVP's website.

CYS's Community Healing Collaborative (CHC) is thrilled to announce the receipt of a game-changing $600,000 grant from the Los Angeles Department of Health Care Services (LA DHCS) and ElevateYouthCA (EYC).

This funding will empower CHC to expand its grassroots generated solutions in South Los Angeles that is resourcing residents who are creating peace in the neighborhoods surrounding South Park. Through strategic street outreach efforts and fostering community resilience, CHC is applying proven methods from CURE Violence to engage young people at highest risk of violence through consistent contact by credible messengers, social services navigation support, therapeutic healing supports, intergenerational mentoring and employment opportunities. 

CYS is proud to partner with 2nd Call, United We Stand Up, LARRP, Experience Christian Ministries and Revelation COGIC in a robust collaborative to empower community members as Peace Support Advocates. Support from Elevate Youth CA (EYC) will bring resources to support leadership development for young people most impacted by community violence to address the intersection between substance abuse and violence and to learn about and advocate for the responsible application of cannabis taxes to improve their community. 

With a shared commitment to collective healing, collaboration, and youth empowerment, CHC is poised to make a lasting impact in South Los Angeles.

Learn more about the CHC program, click here



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