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Last week, April 22-26, was National Crime Victim Awareness Week, a time dedicated to honoring and recognizing the rights of crime victims and those who support them. At Centinela Youth Services (CYS), the well-being of victims remains at the forefront of our mission as we work to provide avenues for healing and resolution.

Learn about the bill that CYS co-sponsored, which grants victims and survivors the statutory right to be notified of available Restorative Justice processes. This legislation represents a significant step forward in ensuring that victims have access to the resources they need for healing and closure.

Throughout National Crime Victim Awareness week, efforts are made to empower victims and ensure their voices are heard. 

 At CYS, we uphold the principles of restorative justice, where harmed parties are actively involved in the process of healing and resolution. Unlike traditional court systems, which often prioritize a win-lose strategy, restorative practices focus on the harmed party and the harm caused, striving for genuine emotional repair and closure. Through restorative practices, harmed parties experience empowerment in decision-making, ensuring that their voices are not merely heard but valued. Moreover, CYS emphasizes the importance of timing and location in appointments, recognizing the significance of creating a safe and supportive environment for harmed parties. Our commitment to harmed party's rights is reflected in our outcomes. Youth who work with CYS complete six times more community service hours compared to similar youth who receive court orders. Additionally, they are 166 times more likely to complete their monetary restitution, showcasing the effectiveness of restorative approaches in promoting accountability and responsibility. 

As we observe National Crime Victim Awareness Week, we encourage everyone to join us in supporting the expansion of restorative justice options for those who’ve been impacted by crime. Whether through social media campaigns, community discussions, or distributing informational flyers, each of us has the power to expand more effective healing and accountability options in our community. 

To learn more about the benefits of restorative justice for harmed parties, we invite you to watch this video, featuring our Executive Director, Jessica Ellis: 

Click here for additional resources on National Crime Victim Awareness Week. 



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