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Support Assembly Bill 60

CYS, along with the California Restorative Justice Policy Coalition, is proud to be co-sponsoring Assembly Bill 60 with Assembly Member Isaac Bryan. With AB60, victims/survivors will be given the statutory right to be notified of the availability of Restorative Justice processes. Find out more about who is sponsoring this bill and what it means here:

AB 60 (Bryan) Sponsor Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 275KB

We need your support.

In order to make an impact, please send your letter of support (on behalf of your organization or yourself) no later than April 12th. Make it easy on yourself and use our sample letter of support.

AB 60 CYS support letter
Download PDF • 126KB

CYS AB60 Letter
Download PDF • 526KB

If you live in or around Sacramento, show your support in person! The hearing is set for April 18th at 9am.

Mark your calendars now!

Have more questions? Reach out to Nat at [email protected].



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