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Volunteering with FARS at CYS Means...

  • Helping families to effectively communicate

  • Resolving conflict in your community

  • Building your own skills for communication

CYS Case Manager, Odalis Hernandez shared, how one mother and son were recently helped by FARS family mediation. The son was missing a lot of school and not communicating with his mother, while his mother was becoming increasingly more upset and unsure of how to get through to him. The volunteer FARS mediators tried a creative strategy that helped the son and mother see the issue through each other’s eyes. The son agreed to write a poem from the perspective of his mother, and his mother agreed to give him more space. This ultimately led to both agreeing to spend more quality time together.

Through FARS, this family was able to understand each other more clearly, build systems of communication, and re-connect in a way they previously weren’t able to. If you have the time and temperament to support families in your community in this way, consider training as a volunteer FARS mediator.

Interested in Volunteering?

Click here for more information and to apply.



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