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Please meet the Chief of Police, Chief Martin Sissac of Inglewood Unified School District. He will be joining us on September 6th for our next webinar, "Stronger Schools Through Restorative Justice." Register now and tune in September 6th at 5pm to hear more!

Chief Sissac is one of the leading voices in school-based threat assessments and trauma-informed care. Learn a bit about his perspective and approach below:

How does the role of trauma informed care create safer schools?

Chief Sissac says that “trauma informed care helps the relationship between students and staff and fosters a better relationship between employees at the school district. Trauma informed care allows us to recognize that a person's behaviors stem from experiences in their life and at home, which often materialize in behaviors at school.” He goes on to say, “when you understand that trauma and behavior often stems from situations that happened outside the campus, teachers and staff members can objectively deal with behavior rather than layering stigma and judgments. Trauma informed care allows us to separate the behavior from student. It fosters relationships and enables staff to approach the student’s needs with empathy as opposed to harsh discipline, which ultimately doesn’t address the behavior.”

Interested to hear more insights or ask Chief Sissac your own question? We are! Join us on September 6th at 5:00 pm PST to hear about key practices and school-based examples from Chief Sissac, Ms. Bond, and CYS restorative justice experts.



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