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Spotlight on our Volunteers: Andre T. Moore, Sr.

Judging from the number of skills and hours Andre T. Moore, Sr. contributes to the well-being of our Los Angeles communities — from counseling foster youth, leading a vibrant church in Lancaster, and working on his doctorate — you wouldn’t think Andre could make CYS a priority.

Yet, this is exactly what he does! For nearly five years, Andre has made time for youth who participate in our restorative justice or family mediation programs. A seasoned VORS and FARS mediator, and a Surrogate Victim Advocate as well, Andre has thoughtfully guided dozens of mediations to successful conclusions. Andre’s introduction to CYS came about soon after he’d retired from a 27-year career with UCLA in Government and Community Relations.

Fortunately, he couldn’t remain idle for long. While volunteering with an organization focused on youth and the performing arts, he learned about CYS, and immediately applied to train as a VORS and FARS mediator. In his CYS mediations, Andre has experienced great rewards. ”What I enjoy most,” he says, “is the opportunity to see reconciliation manifest itself before my eyes. I love to see families come together, to see the emotion of a referred youth and a harmed party, to witness the restitution process as a whole.”

Andre notes that the mediation process humanizes a conflict, and he believes CYS mediation contributes greatly to the community by getting out in front of crime. “We make communication safe, and in the process build character for all parties. Mediation allows communities to heal, to be unified and made whole.”

As we observe Black History Month this February, Andre notes that CYS bridges diverse human experience, helping everyone involved to understand our various cultures. “Yes, we’re all different,” he says, “but we’re really all the same!”



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