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A Gift of Compassion

As many great things do, it began with a conversation between like-minded people seeking ways to make a difference.

A friend and colleague of CYS asked if there was a way for her family to help a CYS family over the holidays. Was there an outstanding bill that needed to be paid or any other way for her and her family to brighten the holidays for another family? Lead Clinical Case Manager Demetrius Hall had one family in mind, a single mom with three students at home, all of whom were engaged in distance learning.

When Demetrius approached Mrs. Pearson* about the offer to help, she immediately thought of an overdue electric bill. Like so many families whose children are studying at all hours, the Pearsons had racked up a high utility bill. The generous CYS supporter wrote a check to the utility on behalf of the Pearson family, for $1,641.70!

This extraordinary act of generosity relieved the stress on the Pearson household, and sent a cheerful message throughout the CYS family. We are all inspired by your kindness and leadership! Click here to support our COVID relief fund to help cover the basic needs for families.

*Some names have been changed.



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