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2022 CYS Accomplishments

As we look back on last year, CYS is proud to have made the following impact on the community:

CYS has served:

1,045 Youth, their family members, and harmed parties

6 School Districts

20 Police Stations

5 Courts

CYS has trained:

605 people, including:

- 35 Volunteers

- 250 Educators

- Staff of over 15 community-based nonprofits

- Officials from 3 counties

- Personnel from 13 law enforcement and justice system agencies

CYS grew from a staff of 20 to a staff of 33.

WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANY OF THIS without the commitment and dedication of our staff, our referral partners and our incredible team of volunteer mediators, translators, interns and special project volunteers, volunteer board members and committee members.

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